The brief introduction of the CRadio

You can add and listen any radio broadcasting stations, including finance and economics, entertainment, city news, foreign broadcasting stations, popular music, rock & roll, jazz, folk music, and symphony etc.

It can also play local media files, supporting updating online, built-in recording, shifting skins, multilingual service, hotkey operation, automatic reconnection, timing recording, timing playing, timing shutdown, and talking clock, etc.


Listening to the broadcasting stations

Our product contains thousands of broadcasting stations all over the world, including finance and economics, entertainment, city news, popular music, rock & roll, jazz, folk music, light music and many other kinds of broadcasting stations.


Playing the files

You can shift it into music playing module, and can also put many media files into the playing list to play. It support dragging files and streaming URL.


Built-in recording

Don’t want to miss the marvelous programs? You can use the built-in recording to record them and save them into MP3 files.


Management on broadcasting stations tree

Broadcasting stations tree manager is easy to be operated, in other words, it can be used to copy, paste, incorporate, arrange, import and export data, and it can be added on broadcasting stations manually as well.


Timing playing and recording

You can previously add, modify and delete the “play or record schedule”, and when it comes to the appointed time it will play or record the programs automatically.


Customizing skins

You can pick out the skins which you like at this website, or do it yourself. If you want to share the skins which you make with everybody, please send them to


Automatic update

It can be updated automatically and put the latest broadcasting stations series into your computer, that is, it can keep the connectivity as steady as possible so as to you can listen to the program fluently


Multilingual service

It supports multilingual service, so you can shift different language interfaces by the menu. Meanwhile, we welcome you to translate more language editions (send it to


Practical functions

It has the functions of automatic reconnection, hotkey operation, timing shutdown, voice time teller, adjusting time through the Internet, etc.


More functions

More and more useful functions are being developed and improved by us; we are looking forward to discovering the new functions from you.